Frank R. Harrison is a passionate entrepreneur who leverages his skillset and personal experience to help others. A compassionate epilepsy sufferer, Frank has made it his life’s mission to empower and support those navigating life-altering health conditions. 


A seasoned professional with an extensive background and expertise in strategic marketing, credit analysis, operations strategy, and business development, Frank R. Harrison employs his past experiences in his business and social ventures today. An NYU and Fordham University graduate with an MBA in Business, an MA in Psychology, and an MS in Integrated Marketing, Frank R. Harrison has previously worked for powerhouse companies such as MetLife Insurance, Citibank, and Sony Music Entertainment. Frank R. Harrison has more recently shifted his focus to the healthcare industry, opting to pursue a stigma and awareness of a topic he deeply understands. 


Today, Frank R. Harrison devotes his time to Frank About Health, a platform he established back in 2016 to support his mission of enlightening people about the reality surrounding epilepsy. For the past four years, Harrison has promoted the Frank About Health objective through a titular radio show on Talking Alternative Network and a monthly column for FACES (FInsing A Cure For Epilepsy and Seizures), amongst various other outlets. Frank is a firm believer that by merely opening the dialogue surrounding such conditions, it is possible to make a significant difference amongst society. By sharing personal stories, connecting with fellow sufferers and health care professionals, along researching and analyzing innovative treatment options, Frank R. Harrison hopes to educate the public on the professional and social effects of the disease. 


Most recently, Frank R. Harrison has been in the process of developing an affinity marketing platform dedicated to raising funds for affordable healthcare. Rooted in community-driven action, the platform coordinates with retailers to contribute a percentage of consumer expenditures to be redeemed exclusively for healthcare. With an overarching mission to deliver social good, Frank R. Harrison is elated to promote a more economical way to pay for everyone’s health care needs. 


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