Digital Healthcare Resources

Health-E-Media was founded by Frank R Harrison, an executive with experience in the financial services, marketing, news media, and healthcare industries.

Health-E-Media is a digital platform operating within the healthcare industry and partnering with businesses to provide an array of online services. These services include online radio programming, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube integration, podcasts, blogging, digital articles, and more, and aims to build towards a better quality of life for everyone, including those without access to affordable healthcare. 

The corporation was founded by Frank R Harrison, an executive with experience in the financial services industry. Frank is devoted to finding ways to better manage and prepare for healthcare challenges with Health-E-Media, including the emotional, physical, social, and financial impact that illnesses or health emergencies can have on your life. Frank’s ultimate goal through his work in the healthcare industry is to educate and enlighten the population about the professional, physical, mental, emotional, financial, and social impact that serious illnesses and debilitating diseases can have on an individual as well as the stigmas that still surround them. Frank wants to empower people with solutions and work to erase the stigma of chronic illness through education via his blog, articles, and radio show, Frank About Health. 

As someone who has dealt with his own personal healthcare challenges – Frank has lived with epilepsy for several years – and is continually fighting to remove barriers and break down walls for others, Frank R Harrison considers himself to be a champion for healthcare issues, which he sees as the utmost importance in life. This passion and personal investment are why Frank is working closely with healthcare industry professionals and leaders through Health-E-Media in order to ignite new ideas and bring to life products and services that can completely revamp the way we handle healthcare issues. 

As a seasoned executive-level financial professional, Frank R Harrison’s experience spans multiple industries, including expertise working in the entertainment, financial services, healthcare, and marketing industries. With a career covering several decades, Frank wants to use his knowledge as a businessman and expertise as a professional to explore the healthcare industry through Health-E-Media and find ways to break down the social barriers and increase dialogue and awareness. In particular, he has three specific areas of focus: mental health, epilepsy, and healthcare, although his interest in healthcare has expanded this past year due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and the resulting pandemic. 

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